Ladies' craze for jewelry can never be reduced specially of Indian ladies, this fever is truly known. Jewelry is an evergreen item which never stops to pull in eyeballs with the amazing looks and spectacular outfits. Now days the craze of artificial and imitation jewelry is really increasing, reason is quite simple the increasing price of gold and diamond and the availability of different designs and huge variety in imitation jewelry segment.

Here we are sharing few of the alternatives of imitation and fashion jewelry.

Paper Jewelry

Making paper jewelry is an extraordinary approach to reuse waste paper, daily papers, or magazines, its also cheap, alluring, and can be used on various occasions.


Terracotta Jewelry

Unlike most other jewelry making, terracotta jewelry making is simple. It is a beautiful category of jewelry made up of clay.


Leather Jewelry

Leather Jewelry looks more tom boyish and gives you another level of fashion sense. Its a head and tail blend with denims.


Wooden Jewelry

Its an economical category of jewelry made of waste wood pieces and still looks more trendy. It can be wore on casual and traditional dresses.


Stone & Crystal Jewelry

Wearing stone and gem gems is a simple, helpful, and appealing approach to convey recuperating stones with every one of you the time and all over you go.